Baccarat Tips

Baccarat may look like an intimidating game to newcomers, but it’s actually a fun, simple, and fair game for the player, which is why it’s one of the oldest and most popular casino table games in the world.

However, if you’re new to baccarat, you might feel a little lost. Here are a few baccarat tips that will make you feel like a baccarat expert in no time.

  1. Don’t worry too much about having to memorize any complex baccarat strategies. In truth, baccarat is entirely a game of luck, since the dealer does all the work and the players never make any decisions. If you want the best odds possible, you should bet on the banker; however, betting on the player is almost as good.
  2. Unlike in many games, there’s no hand controlled by the player that has to beat a dealer. The “player” and “banker” names for the hands are really just ways to identify the two hands; players are more than welcome to bet on either one, and there’s no stigma associated with betting on the banker hand (in other words, you won’t be accused of betting against the other players by doing so).
  3. Although it is true that there’s no real strategy involved in playing baccarat, it might not be the best idea to point this out to the other players at your table. You’re likely to see many of your fellow baccarat players writing down the results of each hand on a scorecard in an effort to track numbers and find out who will in the next hand. Of course, this is a futile effort, since card counting in baccarat is essentially useless (see our article on baccarat strategy for more details), but it’s a time-honored tradition among baccarat players. So while you don’t have to join in the tracking, you shouldn’t disparage the players doing it, either.
  4. Avoid the tie bet like the plague. Whether your game has the typical 8-1 odds on a tie bet, or more generous 9-1 odds, the house edge is quite large – making it as bad or worse than the sucker bets found on other table games. Similarly, “pairs” or “egalite” bets are also bad for the player.
  5. While baccarat itself is a very simple (and some may say boring) game, the atmosphere of the game adds a lot to its mystique. If you truly want to get a real baccarat experience, you can only truly get it by playing at a real live baccarat table in a casino. And we don’t mean one of the smaller mini-baccarat tables you can find in the middle of the casino floor; you’ll want to play in a high-limit room, if you can afford it. That’s where you’ll find big table baccarat games, where players take turns dealing out the cards and everyone takes the game very seriously.
  6. Look for reduced commission baccarat games, if you can find them. Usually, the house takes 5% of any winning “banker” bets as a commission, but occasionally, live and online casinos will offer reduced commission baccarat games. This can dramatically lower the house edge, and if the commission is small enough (or eliminated entirely), can even result in an advantage for the players on the banker bet.

Non-Strategy Tips

While Baccarat is surely a gambling game and some people believe they can affect the outcome by using a strategy or betting system like Martingale or Labouchere, the reality is that unless you cheat, there is nothing that can be done to gain an edge over the casino long-term.

Where are we going with this? Non-Strategy Tips? Well, these tips should help you with finding a better playing environment, especially online.

If you are a online baccarat player, you might have a lot to worry about – how easy will it be to deposit and more importantly, withdraw. Are the games of good quality? How fast are withdrawals? What are the guarantees that the casino will pay me at all? These are just some of the questions that have probably chimed into your brain.

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The Verdict

When people are usually looking for Baccarat Tips, they don’t realize that the tips for the game are as valuable as the ones that will help you to get started.  Trust me, finding a great online casino is at least as important, as knowing some basic things about math and psychology.