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Baccarat is a game with very low house edge – only 1.06%, given that all your wagers are made on ‘’the banker’’. Anyhow, edge or some kind of miracle strategy won’t be the topic for this page. We’ll much rather introduce you to the world of bonuses and promotions that are very important for Baccarat players. Why? If you saw the percentage of the house edge listed above, you should already understand that the house edge is thin to say the least. On average you will lose $1.06 on every $100 wagered.

What if I said that there’s a pretty good chance to even this edge out and let the variance decide who’s gonna be the winner? Well, that’s exactly the case with Baccarat Bonuses – they offer additional value for you, so when you wager $100 playing Punto Banco, you also clear a portion of the bonus cash that has been awarded. Cool, right? Of course, but there also are a couple of problems with this.

Best Baccarat Bonuses


  Site Bonus Rating US Review Play Now
1 Gaming Club Online Casino $350 + 30 Total Free spinsT&C Apply 18+ 10 / 10 Review Play Now
2 Jackpot City Casino no Deposit $£ 1600 + No Deposit 30 Free SpinsT&C Apply 18+ 10 / 10 Review Play Now

Wagering Percentage

It’s not 2004 anymore and casino sites are not throwing their money away just for the sake of it. What’s wagering percentage? It’s the amount or better said, share of your Baccarat total wagers, that will be counted towards fulfilling the requirements.

So for example, if you claim a $1,000 bonus with a 100% match and 20x deposit+bonus requirement, you would have to stake $40,000 before this bonus is fully yours to keep!

However, it is not all that pretty and simple. It would be rather easy to play this bonus through at the Baccarat tables. Due to the low house edge, wagers made on Baccarat only count as 20% of their totals. So in order to clear this bonus playing exlusively Punto Banco, you would have to stake $200,000 at the tables! Now that’s a challenge already.

Cashable/Non-Cashable Bonuses

Casino Bonuses also differ with various other rules and requirements. For example, some casinos offer cashable bonuses, while others offer only non-cashable ones.

What’s the difference? It’s actually pretty huge! Cashable bonuses are added to your account and become your money that can be cashed out, once the requirements have been fulfilled.

Non Cashable bonuses, on the other hand, are awarded to increase your bankroll and forfeited from the moment you request a withdrawal. The full bonus amount will be deducted from your account right away, while any winnings won’t be touched.

I personally think that Baccarat players can benefit from both, but Non-Cashable bonuses seem to be the way to go. They allow you to claim thousands that can be added to your bankroll right away and used to double or even triple average wagers. In the meantime, they are also relatively easy to clear. Seems like a win-win situation.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are not as popular as they used to be, but we still see a handful of casino sites offering some casino money that is completely free to claim. No credit card or personal information is needed, yet you can play real money casino games right away. Within the industry, these are known as No Deposit Casino Bonuses.

It’s not that simple, though. Don’t expect to get that money in your bank account right away, rather don’t expect it at all. While it’s free money, the idea behind giving it is to introduce you towards various games offered by that particular casino. Most of the time, you will have to jump several hoops (quite difficult wagering requirements), before any cash can be withdrawn. Yet, if you just want to understand how it’s like to gamble for real money, these bonuses are a great way to do so.


Casino promotions and contests are something that is undervalued by players. They often don’t even pay attention to these and simply move on to playing or doing something else. Yet, promotions can add superior value to the whole playing process and at times reward

That’s right – promotions are not always about cash, but rather about getting people interested with something they can feel and remember. Money comes and goes, but you will always remember the feeling you’ve got, when you visited NYC or any other city for the very first time. Well, casinos like Gamingclub and Titan are constantly providing their players with promotions like these.

VIP Schemes

Similarly as promotions, VIP systems, ladders, schemes or call it whatever you want, are also underrated. We can’t really see how that could be the case, but somehow you have likely missed it too. Casino VIP Programmes are designed to reward plays who show their loyalty – basically play at a single casino for a long time. What kind of rewards are we talking about here? Well, it depends, it purely depends on how much you play and for what stakes. Here’s a good idea about what to expect from VIP systems as a regular player:

  • Constant Re-Load Bonuses
  • CashBack – weekly or monthly cashback, if you have had a bad run.
  • Personal Managers.
  • Exclusive Promotions & Bonuses
  • Invites to Social Events & First Class Hospitality

As you can see, bonuses are actually nothing, when compared to VIP Systems that can lead to rewards as huge as $200,000 – found at